New Instructor - Amelia Bonvento

Amelia Bonvento - San Francisco Pilates

Amelia Bonvento - San Francisco Pilates

We are happy to introduce Amelia Bonvento!  Amelia has been Polestar and PMA certified since 2015, and holds a BFA in Dance from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

Get to know Amelia with a new Instructor Special. Book 2 privates for $160 (that's $40 in savings) Amelia has openings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Debbie Lai on her Prenatal Pilates Practice

"Pilates saved me during my pregnancy and was hugely influential during my labor and delivery.  I suffered from a lot of joint instability, especially in my pelvis during my second trimester and on.  Working by myself and with my teachers helped me to function again.  I used my breath and my prenatal Pilates practice to train my mind to be calm during labor, and was surprised at how familiar the "pushing" stage of labor was to my body because of the preparation I had done beforehand.  A specialized prenatal Pilates program doesn't just help you 'stay in shape'  during pregnancy-- it helps your body deal with the incredible changes that come with nurturing a baby and prepares you for the process of bringing that new life into the world."  

-Debbie Lai

Client Testimonial - Ayumi Suzuki

As a massage therapist, I often see misalignment all day...working with Lena Koenig from SF Pilates made we aware of the misalignment in my own body.  The body has muscle memory which is quite strong.  There are many muscles in the body which are "lazy". We need to work on first feeling the muscle in the bpdy, then to "learn" how to use the muscle. The stronger muscles want to take over...

If you think of the "Check engine light" going on in your car, you end of taking it in to the mechanic (or not and a bigger mechanic bill later...) If not, the consequence being your car will break down and stop working.

What if my misalignment, if left unchecked, might become a future hip ir knee replacement. or I now work on fixing the misalignment now.  an investment in my future self, so to speak.

And the acupuncture I am receiving from Dr Winnie Chin is amazing!! I have grown up and lived most of my life, feeling healthy not knowing that my feeling of "well"-which I never understood as sick because I had never actually felt WELL before.  I have more range of motion in my neck-as if I have a new neck. 

I also understand that "issues" are in your tissues is a true statement.  The Pilates and acupuncture,  feels like it is helping to release old wounds and old buried stuff is brought back out for reflection, for attention and for letting go,

The journey in wellness continues...


Show your support for Instructor Olivia Eng

Olivia Eng, a wonderful person, beautiful performer, and talented Pilates instructor.

Olivia Eng, a wonderful person, beautiful performer, and talented Pilates instructor.

Olivia will be undergoing a surgery to fix a birth defect in her spine.  She is funding the surgical procedure through a fundraiser where you can buy her handmade jewelry online...

"Life has decided to hand me lemons again so I decided to help me with the costs of an extensive surgery I need to have in mid-December with a team of doctors in San Diego." 

For more information... read her story, visit her page, and donate here:

Thank you for all of your support!

Amy Races for Cancer research!

Congrats to Amy for conquering the 2015 Komen San Francisco Bay Area Cure Race sunday!  She thanks our community for our generosity of spirit and commitment to the fight against breast cancer, enabling Komen to fund vital research, outreach and awareness programs right here in SF, bringing us another step closer to a world without breast cancer!

Congratulations to Junko for launching AMRITA Pilates!

AMRITA Pilates mission is to assist clients with injuries or health issues through the various stages of the recovery process. It helps them return to their daily activities or favorite sports, using Pilates-based therapeutic exercises. To book a post-rehab session with Junko please inquire here and pass the word along to anyone you know who needs a little more healing in their life...


New Instructors Summer Discount!

We are thrlled to bring on board two very talented new instructors at San Francisco Pilates. Please welcome Amy Terhar and Debbie Lai!   Amy has recently completed a Balanced Body repertoire and excited to be SFP's newest apprentice.  Debbie is a recent transplant from NYC who brings her yoga and classical Pilates expertise to our studio. In celebration of their new arrival, we are giving away an immediate $50 rebate on 2 privates booked with Amy and Debbie through the month of August. Take advantage of this now before their schedules fill up!


Debbie Lai

Debbie Lai

Amy Terhar

Amy Terhar

Instructor Olivia Eng Returns from Panama Trip with Movement Exchange!

"Hey beautiful people!

I wanted to thank each and every one of you soooo much for donating and helping me to go on my service trip with Movement Exchange to Panama! It was an incredible, refreshing, and fulfilling experience like no other and is something I strive to continue doing! Thank you so much for your generosity and spirit and for giving me the chance to give back to the community!

Peace, Love, and Strength"


Recovery Through Pilates: The Anne Carey Story

Despite a multitude of challenges she has faced, Ann continues to stand up a bit taller and stronger with every Pilates session under her belt! An unfortunate car accident in 2010, in which she was struck by a car on her left side, resulting in a broken ankle and foot on her right side, began to cause many alignment and gait issues over the years. She began to experience hip, leg and back pain eventually leading to a diagnosis of spinal stenosis (a narrowing of spaces in the spine) and bursitis (deep inflammation at the joint) in her hip. When Ann discovered this diagnosis, she began practicing Pilates with instructor, Olivia Eng. At the start of her programming, there were many positions that were simply too uncomfortable to even be in to complete the exercises. After a year and a half of discipline in the studio, she can now sit, lie, and stand in any position and do advanced exercises requiring complex movements and increased resistance (including a Standing Splits on the reformer!). Her Pilates practice has also proved helpful in keeping her circulation flowing smoothly as she has an autoimmune condition/Raynaud’s disease that affects her circulation most prominently to her hands and feet. Despite these challenges, Ann continues to show up to her Pilates sessions with a positive, hopeful and cheerful demeanor. With her discipline and dedication to pilates training in the studio and at home on her own, she is well on her way to regaining her strength and ability to perform daily tasks without pain!

When Ann isn’t in the Pilates studio, she can be found tending to her two lovely cats Wicca and Adso, reading one of Jane Austen’s or Diana Galbaldon's Outlander novels, and grooving to the inspiration of George Gershwin and Patrick Ball. We are proud of your hard work, dedication and positivity Ann! You are an inspiration to all of us here at SF Pilates, keep it up!