Andrea Kennerley  -  Certified Instructor

Andrea was introduced to pilates while taking dance classes in art school years ago. She enjoyed the precision of movement and the ability pilates gave her to fix imbalances in her own body. In 2000, she pursued a comprehensive certification with STOTT Pilates. She began teaching in the bay area working under the tutelage of several physical therapists which ultimately directed her pilates path. In her work she also realized that the observant skill gained from her art background helped her develop a keen eye for detecting movement imbalances. Her training has included workshops on osteoporosis, scoliosis, back pain and repetitive stress injuries under greats such as Sheri Betz, Ron Fletcher, Karen Clippenger, Melissa Condron, Carla Hales, Elizabeth Larkam, Brent Anderson, Marie Jose Laurence-Blom and Art Riggs. Her teaching style is precise, detailed and based on postural analysis. Andrea’s own journey is a testament to the depth of change that pilates can bring to a body. She strives to help clients increase self awareness so they can build a better understanding of the foundations of body placement to integrate into their own life.