MICHELLE MODAY  -  Senior Certified Instructor

Michelle has great enthusiasm for helping people move well.  She began teaching Pilates in 2008 as a way to show how small adjustments in alignment can lead to profound leaps of strength and mobility.  Pilates is the practice that safely helped her regain strength following abdominal surgery, and the principles illuminated how to move with greater ease  -- in alignment, with confidence, and without strain.

Her Pilates private sessions are focused on postural assessment and specific training needs for the individual.  Her group classes offer a blend of mindful agility and aligned-for-stability challenges.

In addition to Pilates, Michelle is a certified yoga (vinyasa) instructor.  She teaches CoreAlign and principles of gait therapy, is experienced in dance and aerial conditioning, and has studied with Lizz Roman to learn rehabilitation techniques based on the principles of the father of physiotherapy, Vladimir Janda.