Client Testimonial - Ayumi Suzuki

As a massage therapist, I often see misalignment all day...working with Lena Koenig from SF Pilates made we aware of the misalignment in my own body.  The body has muscle memory which is quite strong.  There are many muscles in the body which are "lazy". We need to work on first feeling the muscle in the bpdy, then to "learn" how to use the muscle. The stronger muscles want to take over...

If you think of the "Check engine light" going on in your car, you end of taking it in to the mechanic (or not and a bigger mechanic bill later...) If not, the consequence being your car will break down and stop working.

What if my misalignment, if left unchecked, might become a future hip ir knee replacement. or I now work on fixing the misalignment now.  an investment in my future self, so to speak.

And the acupuncture I am receiving from Dr Winnie Chin is amazing!! I have grown up and lived most of my life, feeling healthy not knowing that my feeling of "well"-which I never understood as sick because I had never actually felt WELL before.  I have more range of motion in my neck-as if I have a new neck. 

I also understand that "issues" are in your tissues is a true statement.  The Pilates and acupuncture,  feels like it is helping to release old wounds and old buried stuff is brought back out for reflection, for attention and for letting go,

The journey in wellness continues...