Client Spotlight - Andrew


We want to highlight the amazing transformation of Andrew. He started with Lena after trying almost everything to help with his back pain and leg numbness, which was due to spinal stenosis and herniated discs. Because of Pilates with Lena, he no longer needs to undergo surgery!

This is his story in his own words:

"By the time I actually started pilates, I was up to the point where I could barely stand longer than 2 mins and walking anything more than a city block was incredibly painful. At the time of dealing with all of this pain, my wife was also pregnant with our daughter...  As of today, I'm proud to say after four months of working with Lena - my body has done a complete turn around. I admit I still have occasional cases of numbness however it is nowhere near the level of intensity and pain prior. My mobility and range of motion have increased tremendously. Even up to the point where I surprise myself everyday.  [Also,] I couldn't express in words what pilates has done for my mentality. Body Trauma is exhausting and depressing. Not being able to accomplish day to day ordinary tasks like going grocery shopping can make one feel hopeless.  Being pain and numb free have a been a huge positive milestone for me. Being able to pick up my daughter pain free has been something I couldn't have imagined 10 months ago."


We are so proud of your hard work Drew and can't wait to continue on the journey to health with you!