Sarah Griffin  -  Apprentice Instructor

Sarah is a lifelong dancer and lover of movement. As a young professional dancer in New York, she discovered Pilates as a way to build dynamic strength and fluid control. Upon moving to San Francisco, teacher training through STOTT Pilates became the next natural step in learning and sharing the benefits of this method. She believes that Pilates is a part of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and insight with people of all backgrounds and age ranges. Athletes and dancers are particularly attracted to her focus on subtle strength, natural alignment, and kinesthetic awareness to maximize athletic potential. In her down time, Sarah can usually be found swimming laps, communing with the redwoods, or reading a good book.

Sarah has danced from coast to coast and everywhere in between with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, San Francisco Opera, and Oregon Ballet Theatre, among others. She enjoys collaborating in film, photography, music, technology, and installations with artists around the Bay Area. She currently dances for choreographer Amy Seiwert’s contemporary ballet company, Imagery.